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The questions provided on this page are for your information. If you do not see the question you are looking for or need immediate answers, please contact our office at (601) 856-8337

Save Output Queue (SOQ)

Q. What is provided with SOQ Maintenance and Support?

SOQ maintenance and support includes all updates released during the maintenance period and unlimited phone support.  SOQ updates not only provide new features and functions, but also insure SOQ's compatibility with the very latest releases of OS/400.

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Q. What is the cost of SOQ maintenance and support?

The first year of maintenance and support is provided at no charge.  Toward the end of the first year you will be billed $395.00 for the next twelve months of SOQ maintenance and support.  Renewal of maintenance and support is optional, but it is strongly recommended.


If you decline maintenance and support, future maintenance and support is only available by purchasing a new SOQ license.  The current cost for a new SOQ license is $995 and includes one year of maintenance and support.

These prices are subject to change.  Call us at 601-856-8337 to get the latest prices for SOQ and SOQ maintenance and support.

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Q. How can I speed up the SOQ Archive process?

If you are using SOQ Release 8.70 or higher, simply change the SOQ System Default for optimization to optimize your archives for speed.  While this will cause SOQ to temporarily use more disk space while the archive is running, the increase in speed is well worth it.


Prior to Release 8.70 of SOQ, the easiest way to speed up the SOQ Archive process is to archive your spool files to an OS/400 Save File instead of archiving them directly to tape.  Once the SOQ Archive process is complete, the OS/400 Save File can be placed on tape using the OS/400 SAVOBJ command.


Using an OS/400 Save File does make the archive of spool files a two step process.  However, the two steps (archiving to OS/400 Save File and placing the OS/400 Save File on tape) both complete in less than half of the time it takes to archive spool files directly to tape.

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