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Protect your valuable AS/400 (iSeries) spooled files with two of the best spooled file management solutions available; REPRINT and Save Output Queue (SOQ).

Both REPRINT and SOQ address spooled file archival and recovery. However, there are significant differences between the two products.

REPRINT is a short-term, on-line, spooled file archival solution designed for use by any end-user. Some benefits of using REPRINT include:

  • The end user can reprint his or her own spooled files as needed. No tapes or disks need to be loaded and no System Operator intervention is required.
  • Fully automated. Spooled files are archived as they arrive in the output queue for printing. 
  • Including the REPRTLIB library in your normal system backup can provide users with access to lost reports in the event of a disk failure.

Save Output Queue (SOQ) is a long-term, off-line, spooled file archival solution designed for use by the System Operator. Some benefits of using Save Output Queue (SOQ) include.

  • Easy and unlimited future access to important historical documents (i.e. financial statements, sales reports, etc.)
  • Saving valuable disk space. Once spooled files are archived and deleted, the recovered disk space is available for other uses. 
  • Unlimited archive storage options. Off-line storage media (tape or disks) can be stored off site for additional protection and security. 
  • Preparation of spooled files for third party processing. This includes microfiche and/or CD-ROM production.
  • The ability archive spooled files on one AS/400 and restore the spooled files on another AS/400. This applies even if the two AS/400s are running different releases of OS/400.

As you can see, while both products provide spooled file archival functions, they serve significantly different purposes. REPRINT is an on-line, short-term archival solution for end-users and Save Output Queue (SOQ) is an off-line, long-term archival solution for System Operators.

For detailed information about our report archival solutions, click on the links below.

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